Comedy With Errors

I really get excited when companies who are gigantic and make billions of dollars every few months continue to innovate and alter the business models used. I’ve recently noticed amazon has expanded not only their video game section but there indie and downloadable games section with robust titles new to old, popular to obscure. In a relatively short time they have build an impressive catalog of downloadable games, but none of that is really what i’m excited about the really forward thinking concept that amazon has implemented is a two pronged attack: first integrate the lighting sales already used on the site that combined with the declining price of digital games gives extremely enticing sales with all kinds of bundles and special offers. Secondly amazon has deployed their marketing manager to post and lurk in all kinds of forums threads and posts on the web. The place you can see this most often in on reddits popular forum R/Gamedeals their you can find regular posts from “tony” who will listen to what the community wants and then take those requests to the video game companies themselves. So far its seemed to work out with moderate success with gamers on a budget finding ways to work with amazon and the developers to find a middle ground. I look forward to things moving in this direction with transparent companies working with consumers to find a balance so the consumer is getting what they want at a fair price while the companies still make profit from the vast increase in sales at a discounted price

1. What is happiness in ten words or less?

2. What happens when we die?

3. What is a Soul?

4. Would you rather be happy or content?

5. What are dreams?

6. What brings you joy?

7. What time have you laughed the hardest?

8. What is your life’s big question?

9. Is there any original ideas left?

10. What is the difference between humans and other animals?

11. The last time you cried?

12. Your earliest memory?

13. If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be?

14. One thing people may not know about you?

15. One lesson to preach?

16. (alt) One entertainment property you would recommend?

17. (alt) What would offend you most?

18. (alt) favorite curse word?

19. (alt) Hot or cold when sleeping?

20. (alt) Is there a god?


I’ve always wondered what it would feel like when a parent dies. in a non morbid way I’ve always imagined it but i always made it my mom in my head because every time i imagine it i’m bawling and i feel this horror this terror that someone so important to me has died but now as i write this only minutes after hearing of my fathers death i feel sad not terror or horror just a drop of sadness. i was never close to him i tried to be but when i was younger he was a drunk and when i was in my teens he treated me like shit so to be perfectly honest i’m happy he is gone. He cant hurt my mom anymore (emotionally) and i never have to see him again. the only bit of sadness i feel is for the fact that i will never know the feeling of a loving father, but him dying doesnt affect it he made that choice years ago